Great books to understand brain and pain

I love reading. Books, blogs, articles and papers. The written word can have a such a powerful effect, sometimes enhanced with images. Clearly the spoken word can also have a stimulating effect, both postive and negative. Think about some of the words spoken about your pain by doctors, therapists and friends that continue to echo through your mind as examples. Are they true? Do you know that they are true? Or are they unhelpful thoughts that continue to be bothersome?

Below I have listed some of my favourite books that are great resources for developing an effective understanding of pain. To really understand pain is to be able to use the information practically. This includes enhanced coping with painful periods so that they are decreasingly impacting upon lifestyle, being able to make effective choices when faced with painful problems and ultimately reducing the threat value of the painful situation. This last point is fundamental in any painful condition. Reduce the perceived threat, reduce the pain-or increase the pain threshold physiologically.

I regularly use these books with patients and recommend them for reading to really create an opportunity for deeper learning.

Explain Pain – also available as a e-book (great on the ipad)

To order call NOI UK on

'Does what it says on the tin'






Painful Yarns – L Moseley

Understand pain with stories

The Challenge of Pain – R Melzack & P Wall
The classic book by the originators of pain medicine, Melzack and Wall

The classic pain text

The Emotional Brain – J LeDoux
The Brain That Changes Itself – N Doidge
Tell-Tale Brain – VS Ramachandran
A story of how

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