Imagery & mirrors

Many readers will know about mirror box therapy for CRPS and other painful conditions. The Graded Motor Imagery Programme that we use at Specialist Pain Physio is sequential training that starts with laterality, progressing to imagined movements and then to mirror therapy. There is some really good data for the programme and CRPS but it can also be effective with other chronic pains. Interestingly we are now seeing components of GMI being used and written about in the popular press, most recently for Parkinson’s disease and arthritis.

Brain training for pain

A brief article in New Scientist describes the Parkinson’s research by David Linden at Cardiff University. 10 subjects were asked to think about movement for 45 minutes whilst they were having brain scans. Five of the subjects were given feedback that showed them how they were activating the brain and all were asked to practice the imagery at home. Two months later rigidity and tremor had reduced some 37% in the feedback group. The thinking is that there is cortical change underpinning this improved function that is feasible.

Mirror therapy for pain

At The Society for Neuroscience annual meeting 2011 a small study was performed with arthritis (OA & RA) patients used mirror therapy. Subjects observed the moving reflection of the researcher’s hand in the mirror whilst producing the same movement themselves with their hidden hand. After 1 minute it was noted that the subjects pain improved. This was reported in The Guardian today.

For details on our treatment programmes including imagery, mirror therapy, graded motor imagery and other neuroscience-based techniques, come and see our website at or call 07518 445491. Our clinics are based in London and Surrey


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