Musings on Pain – a dialogue between the brain and the foot

This is a conversation between a brain and a foot. The foot has been a problem for some time now, years even.

The foot was injured at a railway station early one winter’s morning before the sun had appeared. In the distance I could see the usual people waiting on the platform, sheltering under their hats and behind raised collars. Making my way across the concourse, my shoes were barely gripping the floor. It was clear to see that others had skidded in their haste. The rain had only just stopped.

Although it is a foot that hurts, it is not a foot that hurts. What does that mean? Regular readers will remember that pain is a brain experience 100% of the time. The pain is a response by the brain to a perceived threat and allocated an anatomical location via the cortical maps. In this sense, the brain is creating the experience like all other conscious experiences and making it real. This is the best biological response that the brain can muster at that moment for that particular situation. So, although the foot hurts, the foot doesn’t hurt, it is the brain telling you that you need to do something with the foot by making it hurt. Via the brain. Mmm. See Lorimer Moseley talking below:


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