CRPS UK Conference | Bath 17-18 May 2012

It was a pleasure to speak at the CRPS UK conference today. Held at The Hilton in Bath, this is the second conference organised by CRPS UK for patients and their carers, attended by over 60 people this year, double that of the last.

Well organised, there were a range of speakers today, continuing tomorrow, covering topics such as CRPS mechanisms, pain and brain, the new CRPS guidelines, neurostimulation and other practical matters. There was certainly a sense from the group of wanting to know more, to understand and be able to deal with the issues of the condition more effectively. Understanding pain and the signs and symptoms of CRPS was emphasised by the speakers, not only by the sufferers and their carers, but also by health professionals. The guidelines will be helpful to that end.

When talking about the central nervous system adaptations and some of the newer therapies, I found the group to be engaging and pleased to contribute their experiences. Sometimes just being able to express one’s feelings in such an arena helps. I was pleased to see that everyone was familiar with ‘pain and brain’ as a concept. This oiled my talk allowing us to explore pain and the influences upon pain.

Tomorrow’s programme looks equally interesting with some of the leading players in CRPS in attendance including Dr Candy McCabe and Dr Andreas Goebel.

The CRPS UK website for further information is

The slides from my talk are here: CRPS UK Conference: Modern Notions of Pain


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