CRPS UK | The UK organisation representing those with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

CRPS UK is the UK based organisation for sufferers of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD) and those with an interest in the condition. The recent conference was a great success and I was very pleased to be able to speak to the attendees about pain and brain in CRPS.

The CRPS UK website has a great deal of useful information and links to resources. You can look for up to date research that is being undertaken, find others who have CRPS via the guest map, follow news and events.

Until the creation of CRPS UK there has been little in the way of support. CRPS is not a well known condition and needs to be better understood. The work of CRPS UK will certainly move this forwards.

Click here for the website.

See our clinic website here with details of locations and treatment and the Specialist Pain Physio Blog here or call 07518 445493


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