A mindful task each day

To cultivate the experience of the present moment and thereby diminishing the impact of drifting into thoughts of past or the future, practice a simple task mindfully. This could be mindful cleaning, walking, drying or any other occupation that is performed each day.

Sometimes a few moments spent gently focusing upon the breath is a useful start point. Notice the rise and fall of the chest as you breathe in and out.

As you start the task in hand, notice the sensations: the feel, the movement, the smells and sounds. Be fully present for those moments, creating awareness of the moment. If you find your mind wandering, do not be concerned as this is entirely normal. Gently return your attention to the task. This may happen over and over, but with practice you will find that you can attend to the moment for longer.

Alongside the practice of mindful meditation, this is a potent way of tackling rumination, stress, anxiety and pain as part of a comprehensive approach to developing health.

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