My 40 Days of Rejection

luke and jules

Noone likes rejection, especially not 40 days of it. But one Loughborough graduate has set himself the ultimate challenge. It involves completing 40 different tasks where risk of failure is almost certain.
The idea was sparked by Caleb Meakin’s need to address his fear of failure and he’s called his journey ‘My 40 Days of Rejection’.
The public vote on what challenge he should face next via his Facebook page and each challenge is shot on video and uploaded to his Youtube channel and also journalised on his blog

The crusade caught my attention on ‘Day 15’ where Caleb finds himself unwittingly giving a lecture on neuroscience to a room of King’s College medical students, completely unprepared and without a clue about what he is talking about. Not only are these challenges funny to watch, but the 40 day concept itself is inspiring to all those who have experienced the immobilizing fear of failure.

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