Worthiness – lost in chronic pain?

Listening to Brene Brown talk about worthiness provoked several thoughts as I reflect upon the way in which each individual tells their story–the narrative.

She says that ‘worthiness incorporates courage, compassion & connection. Those who feel worthy have the courage to be imperfect, fully embrace vulnerability and believe that what makes them vulnerable makes them beautiful.’

Courage: from the Latin ‘heart’; tell your story with your whole heart.

Compassion: for ourselves and others.

Connection: connected because you are authentic – let go of who you should be so you can be who you are to connect with others.

To protect ourselves, we ‘numb’ emotions however this cannot be achieved on an individual emotion basis but rather, both positive and negative emotions are numbed.

Blame – ‘a way to discharge pain’

Believe that you are enough – listen, be gentle with yourself and others

The multidimensional nature of pain means that we have to consider the physical aspects but in the light of thinking and feeling individuals who suffer both the sensory characteristics of pain but also the effects. The consequences of being in pain can mean a shift out of the expected role at home and at work, impacting upon one’s sense of self and worth.


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