3 Rehabilitation Tips

1. Focus on the movement that you are working upon. As much as you may think that you can multitask, you will not be getting the most out if your training. You may be distracted at times by a thought or a sensation from the body. Acknowledge the thought or sensation and then re-focus on the task in hand.

2. Prepare: check in on how you are feeling, what you are thinking and consider what you have been doing beforehand. Nothing exists in a vacuum, so think about whether this is the right time to train. Do you need to do something to prepare? Something calming perhaps, or simple movements to reduce stiffness before working upon quality exercise.

3. Practice. Rehabilitation is a learning process and simply needs practice. Learning to move and control movement similar to a batsman grooving a shot or a gymnast a routine. Little and often through the day. Think about how you would take a drug for therapeutic effect. Exercise and training is no different.

For more information about our comprehensive treatment, training & coaching programmes for persisting pain and injury, visit our main site: Specialist Pain Physio Clinics or call us to book an appointment 07932 689081


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