2 Training tips

To get the most out of your training or practice, consider the following points:

1. When you are about to start, what mindset are you in? Are you ready, primed, prepared for the training session or are you distracted? If the latter predominates, it is worthwhile to reframe your thinking or deal with whatever matter is on your mind if possible. Of course there are some things we cannot change and hence there is little point wasting time and energy thinking about them. Focus on what you can change and work hard to do so. It is possible as we are fundamentally designed to change, learn and grow physically and mentally. I call this process ‘checking in’: how am I feeling? What am I thinking? How is my body? How much preparation do I need before the practice? Perhaps mindful breathing, a good warm up if I have been sitting for a long period.

2. Focus your attention on each and every task to optimise the outcome. Be mindful and aware, using feedback if possible from a mirror or have someone watch you to correct movement patterns or technique. If you are intrinsically motivated the driver is your own success as opposed to extrinsic motivators such as a reward. The former typically drives good quality practice and training.

The same principles apply whether the training be for rehabilitation of an injury or to learn and develop a skill.

Our treatment and training programmes incorporate techniques and strategies to get the most out of you by giving you a self-sustaining toolbox that you can use.

Visit our clinic website here: Specialist Pain Physio Clinics, London or call us to book an appointment on 07932 689081


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