‘The mystery of chronic pain’ TED Talk #pain

Elliot Krane talks about his 20 years experience of working with individuals who suffer complex pain. He describes a common scenario that I see in my clinic, whereby the pain has persisted beyond the expected timeline, sometimes by many years, and is accompanied by a range of other signs and symptoms that are all manifestations of the sensitivity that has evolved and become entrenched. This includes a variety of protective behaviours and beliefs about pain and what it means, the latter usually informing the former. The belief system is molded by experiences throughout life and messages given by those responsible for their healthcare. These messages and metaphors can often evoke potent imagery and fear that leads to avoidance and strategies that appear to be useful but are actually preventing the move forwards.

Moving forwards is a challenge. But, we are designed to change, grow and develop. Hence by creating the right conditions, this is what we can achieve with the understanding of pain biology, a range of effective movement based strategies, a toolbox of motivational techniques, a progressive plan, courage, belief in oneself (self-efficacy), support, perseverance and some brain focused therapies.

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