Sleep and pain | Some tips on getting the rest you need

Create good sleep habits

Sleep is important. We do not feel good when we have missed even one or two nights. For those who suffer persisting sleep disturbance, this is a huge problem that requires multidimensional thinking.

Here are some tips:

1. Develop a routine of going to bed at the same time, i.e./ create a good habit.
2. Have a calming time before bed: within the routine practice mindful breathing for a few minutes.
3. Avoid stimulation via television, other devices with a screen (the light is stimulating) or reading thought-provoking material.
4. Check your evening diet. Avoid eating close to bedtime making time for digestion. If you are hungry before bed, try a bowl of cereal as this triggers the release of serotonin that may help sleep.
5. Avoid caffeine and alcohol that can both affect sleep.

Developing a good sleep habit can take some time. It is important to develop a routine so that the habit can be created and become entrenched. It is of course not just the moments before bed that are important, however, focusing upon this is a good start point. This alongside the regular practice of mindfulness, exercise, healthy work and social habits can make an enormous difference.

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