And in response to stress…when do you take a few moments to do absolutely nothing? #stress #mindfulness

The last post concerned the effects of stress and that we actually need it, but the right kind. There is a way to achieve this by using mindfulness – see here for a brief exercise

Andy Puddicombe talks about mindfulness and here is the bio: When is the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes? Not texting, talking or even thinking? Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe describes the transformative power of doing just that: Refreshing your mind for 10 minutes a day, simply by being mindful and experiencing the present moment. (No need for incense or sitting in strange positions.)

Mindfulness does not need to be steeped in mysticism or perceived to a religious practice but rather a practical skill that can be learned and developed for enormous benefit physically and mentally, and how the two entwine.


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