Centralisation, Part 1: Mechanical pain, mechanical diagnosis and the Wrasse bite

A brilliant and highly relevant piece.


(Part 2: Pain centralisation:- another stab at explaining a clinical observation – will be the next blog.)

The overall plea comes down to this… Could we please substitute the term ‘Mechanical pain’ with the term ‘mechanically patterned pain’?  This article explains what I think both are, what they mean, and why we should change.

This is rather long, sorry, suggest you go for a run first then grab a beer and a tranquilizer…


Two days ago I cut my finger.  I was fishing and caught a sizeable Ballan Wrasse, about 3 lbs, the nearest thing to a pretty reef fish that the UK has, but no good for eating.  They’re good fun to catch but hard to get off the hook because they’ve very impressive sharp teeth and small hard skinned mouths. The end result is that after a tussle with the fish and a deeply embedded…

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