Yoga is | Suzanne Bryant talks #yoga #movement

Bio: Suzanne Bryant career began as a student at the NYU School of Journalism and continued her journalism career in New York City working for Producer George Crile at 60 Minutes II. During this time in NYC she was drawn to yoga to alleviate some of the day-to-day anxiety and stress that came with living in one of the most driven and highly energized cities in the world. While Suzanne was devoted to a daily yoga practice since 1991, it was in 1998 that yoga became the conduit for transformation and helped to clarify her greater life’s purpose and vision. Though still working as a journalist, this awakening led her to enrolled in a 500 hour teacher training
with Alan Finger of Ishta Yoga in NYC in 2000.
Suzanne later left New York to and moved to Northern California to get her Masters in Spiritual Psychology and Nutrition. She now has a private wellness and coaching practice and works with clients in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Through this work she introduces many modalities to elevate and transform the lives of her clients connecting them to their highest life vision, purpose, health and happiness.
Most recently Suzanne released a Feature Documentary, YOGA
IS (, taking viewers on their own journey to find true happiness. The film explores yoga around the globe starting at it’s birthplace in India back to the United States in the west. The film highlights prominent yoga teachers and high-profile, loyal yogis including Russell Simmons and Christy Turlington Burns. Also highlighted is musician Michael Franti and Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman on the road to revealing what yoga is… A window into the most universal questions we have about life, love, truth, happiness, purpose, and so much more!


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