Lost in translation – Chronic pain


It happens all the time, a new scientific discovery gets over-hyped in a media frenzy (antibiotics for back pain and differences in male and female brains are two recent examples that come to mind) and the stories about the responses to the story become further sensational headlines themselves.

Sometimes its a “new” take on an old problem; a miracle berry from the Amazon rain forest that makes you lose weight no matter what you eat.

At other times it can be outdated information that still gets trotted out and other times still it’s just plain old nonsense and rubbish that needs calling out.

We call these “lost in translation”; stories that appear in popular media that get it wrong (horribly at times) or try to grab attention; try to get your ‘clicks’ and ‘views’ in our electronic age, with fantastic headlines.

Far from being trivial, these are the stories that…

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