Training is part of the treatment programme. This includes techniques that target the tissue changes that occur in CRPS and those that tackle the brain changes and other involved body systems. Key phrases to remember are:

  • Perseverance
  • Consistency
  • ‘Little & often’
  • Pacing
  • ‘Motion is lotion’

In the clinic, as well as using modern techniques to stimulate change, providing education and opportunity to learn and understand CRPS so that it is coped with efficiently, our aim is to support your progression with motivational methods, goal setting and having realistic time-lines. Thinking of the training as being similar to learning a musical instrument or a language helps to conceptualise the task.

Much of the work targets the brain in rehabilitation. Developing improved motor control and reducing the pain are both due to brain changes that can be triggered with the right stimulus, in the right setting, under the right circumstances, in the right understanding and with the right motivation.

Brain Training

These techniques are grounded in research that has told us a great deal about CRPS and pain. The tools are available HERE – you will be guided as to the best option for you. Graded Motor Imagery can be looked at HERE with Recognise Online available HERE

Other techniques that target neuroimmune function

These are integrated into your programme at the Specialist Pain Physio Clinics, please ask for further details 07518 445493


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